Your Path to a Meaningful Life

Take these Five Steppes and Awaken the Power within You

This is your path to a Meaningful Life and even though you may not have realised it, this is the continuation of a journey you have already begun. It is why you are here. Thank you for taking your Power!

This is a journey of Five Steppes; Finding Your Inner Voice; ESPAVO: The Six Disciplines; The Interior Castle; Piercing the Darkness and Understanding Purpose. Over the course of each, your experience will be one of being taken deeper and deeper to discover and re-discover yourself. And you will move pass your confusion, stress and inner conflict and emerge with clarity, confidence, purpose and at peace.

That the answers are all within you I have learnt, is not cliché. I am, therefore acutely aware that it is not my place to teach you anything. I am merely a facilitator, a guide, shining a light on your path to help you find the understanding you seek.

The Reflections I'll share with you, are all excerpted from my personal journals, as somewhere along my journey, I received the command - Live in the Spirit; Follow the Spirit; Share the Revelation; The Interior Journey is the result of obedience to that voice, my Inner Voice. So, if you are searching for answers, praying for the fog in your life to clear, I invite you to take this journey into your deepest self.

Your life of meaning and purpose awaits you! LET'S BEGIN!