The Interior Journey

Your Path to a Meaningful Life

Letting Go of Past Conditioning – Creating a New Story

I’m questioning my story.The story of faith and belief I’ve told myself for so long.The story of understanding and unity.The story of acceptance.The story of God. The story of humanity.I’m questioning the stories that have been told to me. I was raised Catholic. And up until the age of 17, I...


Being Seduced Into Fitting In

Since the day you were born you have been seduced, scammed, and brainwashed into fitting in, following the rules and giving a day’s work for a day’s pay. From the crib to the playground to the college campus to the job site, the educated, hardworking masses are still doing what they’re told....


A Time for Everything

What do you do when it seems that life has gotten just too hard?You’ve done everything right, or so you think; you’ve been honest – well mostly. You’ve worked hard, you’ve been a ‘good’ citizen, but as you stand there looking around you, the only thought in your mind is, “Why? For what...


Silent Journey

What if you were to go on a journey, not to the centre of the earth, but to the deepest part of your soul? What would you find there? What would you see along the way? Before you read any further, get a pen and paper, or the digital version, if you’re so inclined. I want us to do this...


Understanding Your Inner Voice

There's something churning around inside of you. You feel it sometimes as a knot in your stomach or a burning in your chest. Your head is so full of thoughts and ideas, they become foggy. And you become foggy. And paralysed. What is that about? What are you running from, hiding from or refusing...